Meet Andi

Your Creative Apprentice

Andi is a computer-driven tool that helps you cut, carve, engrave, and draw on materials like hard and soft woods, foam, plastics, soft metals, and more.

Bring your big ideas to life.

Andi takes you from idea to reality.

With Andi, you can create large or small projects with a variety of tools and a wide range of materials all with a single machine.

Features for You

Andi grows with your creative skills providing flexibility and possibility
for creatives of all skill levels.

Create With Andi

Boost your creativity and bring your big ideas to life with the
unmatched ease and versatility of Andi

  • Projects

    Unlimited Possibilities
    From furniture and home decor to art installations and set design, Andi is as versatile as your imagination.

  • Tools

    Explore creativity
    With Andi’s flexible creative modes you can cut, carve, engrave and draw.

  • Materials

    Multiple Mediums
    From hard and soft woods to plastics and soft metals, Andi’s got a wide range of creative mediums covered.

  • Community

    Creative Community

    Join the True Creative community to get inspired, download project files, and connect with fellow creatives.

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  • “I have always wanted a CNC machine, but to get one as big as I’d want, they just take up so much space. Andi being upright fits perfect and does everything I want it to.”

    Dave Marrs
    Fixer to Fabulous
  • "Andi is a very well concieved product with excellent consideration of the user experience. Andi has opened up its market appeal by making it easy to assemble, use, and master."

    Max Boschert-Zielsdorf
    Matter Hackers
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